Opioid Users not in Treatment

If you are using heroin or pills and not getting medicine...

Find out how to get clean equipment, who to call, and how to get into treatment (this could be a good time to get into treatment).

Opioid Users in Treatment

If you're in methadone or Suboxone treatment...

Find out the best way to work with your program to prepare for an emergency.

Service Providers

If you are a staffperson or administrator involved in getting treatment to people who use opioids...

Find out if your organization is properly prepared to deliver services when disaster strikes.


Those in the opioid-use and opioid treatment communities are at particular risk when disaster strikes. Listen to personal accounts of their experiences preparing for, weathering, and recovering from storm-related interruptions of medication, treatment, and local drug markets.

Is your facility prepared

in case of an emergency?

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